Our Mission

     The fundamental aim of the Graduate School of Law is to nurture legal professionals who are able to not only serve the local community, but also possess an international mind-set. This involves making the most of the geographical, cultural and political characteristics of Okinawa in legal education. The school educates students to become legal professionals who can deal with the many diverse issues in Japanese society today with a keen sense of humanity and a cosmopolitan outlook. Courses concentrate not just on providing students with a comprehensive command of law, but also instilling a solid sense of humanity in their sensitivity. We believe this to be essential for legal professionals in terms of the wide variety of legal issues they will face in future.


    The basic legal subjects for training technical legal knowledge are compulsory. The professional basic subjects for training lawyer responsibility, ethics, and basic legal skills, will be taught by practitioners. We also offer fundamental-adjacent subjects including (but not limited to) Legal Philosophy and American Constitutional Law. The school also provides developmental and pioneering subjects such as Local Government Law, Social Security Law and Bankruptcy Law in the Home Lawyer Course. Subjects in the International Lawyer Course include Common Law Study Program in Hawaii, private international law, as well as Laws Regarding U.S. Military Bases.